Friday, 4 October 2013


 "We in our own human imperfections are repelled by the perfect, since everything is apparent from the start and there is no suggestion of the infinite. Beauty must have some room, must be associated with freedom. Freedom, indeed, is beauty. The love of the irregular is a sign of the basic quest for freedom."

Soetsu Yanagi: The Unknown Craftsman

I read this passage on a wet (but not miserable) moment at the Keramisto international ceramics event in the Netherlands 3 weeks ago. It had rained a lot so it was quiet and, as most visitors were waiting to visit on Sunny Sunday, it was a good time to catch up on some reading. Sometimes I find it difficult to articulate how I feel about my own work and its aesthetic, but the above words really struck a chord with me. Those words to my mind open up a vast world of opportunities, possibilities and space. I found them in an article about Carme Balada's work (Neue Keramik 4/13 p.17)

Table for Two, and breakfast time at Keramisto, NL

I'm pleased to say my new barks were received well. I can't wait to get stuck into developing those further.

 I love doing the European shows, the travel, the language, the possibility of something new happening, and of course, the people and the potters. I just like the fact that I Can. I always feel topped up when I come back to England. In August I was in Oldenburg, Germany.  A very high standard of work at all these shows, and just the sheer variety is refreshing to see.

My passport has served me well this year. International travel over for 2013 (unless anyone wants to surprise me!!!)

I've enjoyed delivering several children's summer workshops this year carrying on with the Australian walkabout theme. We just explored the local bushes and parks to pick up foliage and twigs as inspiration for drawings and surface textures of mini-bark pots. The children loved it.

So it's been a hectic few months - making, shows, travel, workshops, freelance work, admin. It's funny how the admin work goes at the end of the sentence, when in fact it takes up a far larger chunk of time than people realise. Admin incorporates, and holds everything together. Next time I should put it at the beginning of the sentence with a capital 'A'. My work pattern has been very fractured this summer. Normally I like to get in a groove with making in the summer. Not this year. Oh yes, and a bit of time to try not to think of pots...which led to a weekend in Scarborough for some sun and sea...... You have to laugh!

Scarborough Castle, and view of beach from castle!