Tuesday, 12 March 2013

The R.W. Factor

I think you may know that Robin Welch has been a great influence on my work in the last few years.

I think you may also know that Robin and his family worked and lived in Australia in the 1960's & 70's and he continues to draw inspiration from this massive continent. Rousing, rich and stirring work that raises my heartbeat each time I see it.

What are the chances of us all being in Australia at the same time? Pretty slim I would say. But we are! Perfect timing. His daughter, Samantha, kindly invited me up to visit the family home in Byron Bay where Jenny and Robin have been staying for the last few months. It was great to see them all and have a Welch fix. How lovely to go paddling in the sea without getting hot aches!

I feel very privilieged to have known Robin and Jenny these last few years, and value so much their support and friendship. Thank you. Samantha is also a very gifted lady, and runs her own sculpture school from Myocum. Take a look.

Curiously enough, Les Blakeborough, creator of Southern Ice porcelain, and former Director at Sturt, paid a visit to Sturt workshops last week in preparation for his exhibition next year. He was chatting about his days at Sturt as an apprenctice to Ivan McMeekin, a great advocate of the Leach philosophy. Lo and behold, one day later, Robin tells me he knew Les, and that he built a kiln with Les at Sturt in the 60's. Such a coincidence!

Here are some photos from the weekend.

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