Thursday, 25 April 2013

Wakey! Wakey!

I had the strangest wake-up call this Thursday morning. 'Abide With Me' at 6.30am, full blast on a loud speaker from somewhere close, I assumed the school across the road. It was a very long version with ethereal female voices. Since I was fast asleep at the time, I thought I must have died and slipped to heaven. It was like being in some kind of bizarre David Lynch film. I don't quite understand it as the place was deserted - there was only me on the Sturt campus, and the school is still on Easter holidays.....

Today is Anzac Day. I think that may have had something to do with it. Anzac Day is a national day of remembrance across Australia and New Zealand to commemorate all who've served and died in war. It's a popular day for commemoration and involves a bank holiday for all - even the craft centre was closed. (I don't mean to be sound irreverent, but I really didn't know what was going on this morning).

But that's not the only wake-up call I've had recently. I've been bouncing from one thing to another these last 2 weeks as momentum gathers pace nearing the last few days of my residency. I've felt a sense of panic as the end draws closer - lots to do, wanting to keep making the most of it, savouring moments, farewells, visits, get-togethers - all collide at a time when I'm really getting somewhere. It's all been good fun I hasten to add, but at times has been a struggle to stay focussed and calm. I'll try and recap what I've been up to.

The wood firing went well. A mixed bag of results as is usually the case, but on the whole I think everyone was pleased.

Later that week, I had a trip with Ann and Irene (students at Sturt) to Goulbourn to see the exhibition of TAFE staff's work at the local regional gallery, and also called in at a lovely gallery, Gallery On Track (, which has recently set up in an empty railway station. There are so many enthusiastic makers in the area, these little galleries are great outlets to support the local creative community. 

 The Courthouse, Goulbourn

 At the Lookout, Goulbourn Memorial

Gallery On Track, Goulbourn

The great thing about Sturt is you meet so many people who are keen to learn and are interested in what you do. Movement between students and potters is very fluid and lively at times, so it seemed very strange when the end of the 10 week block suddenly arrived. The end of my residency loomed ever nearer on the horizon as, sadly, I knew I wouldn't see some of them again.

Autumn is here. It was only 6 degrees one day last week! Five blankets on the bed already! The bottlebrush just outside the workshop have been stunning.

More to follow soon. I have 7 days left at Sturt. If there is anything in particular you want to know, or see a photo of, drop me a message and let me know. Bye for now.

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