Friday, 18 January 2013


I've always felt an affinity with Australia ever since my godfather, Ron, and his wife, Mary, (newly landed £10 Poms) gave me a jigsaw of Australia when I was 5. And so the seed was set. I've already visited a couple of times, and each time felt like I'd come home. I've held on to the hope that one day I might make pots there. This was the way to do it - apply for a professional residency in Oz. Early in 2012, whilst eating frogs (I'll explain another time) and having a 'what have I got to lose?' moment, I sent off my application for a residency at Sturt Craft Centre, Mittagong. No chance, I thought, but at least I tried.

We complain about the cost of postage nowadays, but the stamp for that letter was the best £1.62 I've ever spent. In November 2012 I was notified that my application was successful and the offer of a 3 month professional residency in Oz was MINE. Crikey! Surprise, Shock, Excitement. Cosmic Ordering (as long it's backed up with years of hardwork, single-minded application, and daring to try, and to keep trying) really does come true!

Three weeks to go now - most of the planning now in place, along with the support of an Arts Council England grant, and funding from the CPA Charitable Trust. Thank you to both. Brilliant!

Whilst Down Under, I'll keep you posted with my work and share the experiences that will inspire me, my work and my living there. Like my head at the moment, it may start off as a bit of a jumble, but with time will settle into place. 

If you like what you see, share your thoughts and feelings about my work through this blog.


  1. Bon Voyage! Look forward to seeing this grow. All the very best - Pete

  2. Very best of luck - it'll be great.
    Bryony x

  3. It is a fabulous opportunity and I know you will embrace every element. X

  4. Looking forward to seeing and hearing all about your trip and residency in Oz.
    Have a really great time.
    David x

  5. I'm going to miss you. So make sure you keep blogging updates. Very proud of you and know this is the first of many life changing events for you. Go getem Sheila.x

  6. Sturt looks absolutely wonderful - what a setting to go to pot in! I wish you the very best potting, walking, and all round enjoyment. It's snowing here!
    Judy Adams

  7. Gud'ay Rach! How is going? XX