Wednesday, 20 February 2013


It's a week now I've been at Sturt. I feel like I've been here ages now. For the first few days I've been preoccupied by day to day trivial stuff, which when you first arrive somewhere new, seem to be, bus & train times, broadband connections, and of course, noises in the night (real and imaginery), and time-wasting frustration with mobile phones.

It's been a random week of trips to Woolworths; restlessness in the workshop; up and down, up and down; chilly nights, even chilly days; 2 hour daydream on train trip to Sydney, and return; talk & demonstration by  Vic Greenaway, meet up with Robin, Jenny & Samantha Welch; smelling the lovely water at Circular Quay and enjoying the hot sun; time with welcoming generous locals; comfort at feeling the new clay; yoga & pilates at local gym in Mittagong; bushwalk with locals in national park, leeches on legs; mozzy paranoia; missing my pots; meeting students in the pottery, camaraderie with fellow potters in workshop; curry night with the woodwork clan; watching puppies in the pet shop window; wishing I'd remembered to bring all my tools, glaze test preparation; rearranging my workspace umpteen times, and then putting it all back again; and wondering why on earth do cockatoos make so much noise! 

I'm trying to find my's coming bit by bit. 

One thing's for sure, I can't use jet lag as an excuse anymore! 



  1. welcome to Oz Rachel, hope you settle in soon!!

  2. Whirlwind of a week or is it two!!? Time must be flying by. U sound like you're settling in and the rhythme will come. Haven't emailed you yet as thought I'd let you get sorted first. Love this post. I can see the locals will want to keep you at this rate :-)

  3. Lovely to read your words and almost hear you speak them. It all sounds very wonderful and you have plenty of time to settle into things. Lucky you to have Woolworths! XX

  4. Big wave from the studio's! Glad you are settling in. Keep showing us pictures of the sunshine and the scenery please, its bloomin freezing here. Louise

  5. I would guess it's difficult to simply up sticks and start to pot in a totally different environment with unfamiliar workshop, fresh sights and sounds to distract you, new wheel, new clay - I take it you didn't put a few bags of stoneware in your luggage! I'm sure you'll drop into your rhythm when your body and mind have adjusted.
    It's snowing again here...