Monday, 24 March 2014

No Flies On Me!

I can tell Spring is on its way.

Insect life is starting to twitch.

Flies are a particular nuisance. Flies are a particular nuisance when they land on your head in the middle of throwing. My wheel must be under a squadron of kamikaze flies and wasps that bomb dive full throttle from the rafters directly above me. I'm sorry that they take that attitude to my new work, but I wish they'd make a protest in another part of my workshop - set up a picket line, or start a campaign on, or something. It's a bit over the top!

Kamikaze fly
Spectator pots on rafters

Insects aren't the only species that are starting to twitch. I am too. I'm now fully out of hibernation and getting cranked up into full potting mode. It's going to be a busy potting season again this year. I thought I'd paced it quite nicely, but looking at my diary, I can see I've got 7 events in 10 weeks. (I'll put details of the events on my website homepage.) I feel a bit like a rabbit in the headlights at the moment with another daunting schedule. Every year I wonder whether I'll have the energy to do this, and every year, I think to myself there's nothing else I'd rather be doing. I think it appeals to the masochistic side of my nature. Nevertheless, a lot of work to do.

The past few weeks I've been pursuing the Bark theme I started in Australia. They are coming on well, but I have to admit, it takes me a while to get into my rhythm of making, and particularly glazing. I've just put a batch in the kiln, so tomorrow, we'll see... I started playing the CD of Australian bush birds to get me in the mood, but I had to switch it off as I could feel the waterworks starting!!

Slipping time

 Favourite slipping music Pray For Rain by Massive Attack on repeat!

I wonder how the glazing will turn out.........

PS This is a short post. Not intentional. I've just spent the best part of 2 hours putting this post together, and then forgot to save it! Double drat! Now Blogger has a mind of its own and I've now given up. Normally I'm a patient person, but I've just thrown my dummy out the pram. It looks like the fly is on me after all!!
Till next time.

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  1. Flies!!'ve become soft Rachel. Pat came back with two blood soaked socks yesterday after being attacked by leeches. Ah the joys of the Aussie bush!

  2. I was only relaying leech legends only the other day, Geoff. Trust Pat- she got picked on last year if I recall correctly. At least not on her stomach this time though! Very tame here - only frogspawn on the last walk.